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1. Family Law Property Mediations

In Property Mediations, Brett likes to use a combination of the facilitative and interventionist approach with an emphasis on an interventionist approach. That is, in family law property matters, Brett is more pro-active in assisting and reality testing parties and provides parties with his own independent view about issues relating to the Law and possible outcomes.

In family law property settlements, Brett's style may be described as "assisted negotiations" rather than pure facilitative Mediation. However, he still uses many of the tools available in facilitative Mediation, to make sure the parties themselves (rather than just the lawyers) feel a part of the process and embrace any solutions.

Parties are welcome to attend without their lawyers at these types of Mediation, but because of the style Brett uses, he prefers parties to have their own independent legal advice available to them at the Mediation.

For more details about the Mediation process, click here to read Brett's article.

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2. Family Law Child Mediations

Brett does conduct Child Mediations, but as he is not a qualified family dispute resolution practitioner, he is not yet qualified to issue s60I Certificates. Brett will hopefully gain these further qualifications in the near future and will then be able to issue the requisite certificates.

Similar to Property Mediations, Brett believes a combination of the interventionist and facilitative approaches is the best for Child Mediations.

In most child matters (depending upon the age of the children), it may be appropriate to have the parties engaged in a "child inclusive " Mediation where Brett would also employ a qualified social worker or child psychologist to be part of the process. During the Mediation, the social worker will conduct brief interviews with the children privately, and report back verbally as to any relevant wishes of the children.

Brett would usually employ a social worker or child psychologist who is also a family dispute resolution practitioner and thus may issue a requisite certificate if the matter does not settle.

3. Other Mediation Matters

Brett is available to mediate any other dispute that is suitable for Mediation. However, as he is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and has over 23 years of experience in that area, both practitioners and parties should be aware that Family Law is the area Brett is best suited to.

In all other non-Family Law matters that Brett is asked to mediate in, he will be providing a facilitative approach only.


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