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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation is an informal process where parties come together (usually with their lawyers) in the presence of a Mediator who facilitates the parties resolving their dispute on their own terms.


How much does a Mediation cost?

The current charge out rate for Mediation is $3,500.00 (plus GST).


Do you charge a mediation fee if the Mediation is cancelled at the last minute?

No. There will be no charge of any cancellation fee unless Brett has already had to travel more than one hour to the Mediation and the Mediation is cancelled on that morning. In those circumstances, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Reimbursement of any non-refundable outlays (such as airfares or accommodation paid in advance) or for any fees paid for booking any private room hire, will also be payable by the client.


Should I have a lawyer with me at Mediation?

Yes. As Brett specialises in Family Law Mediation, it is recommended that parties have their own independent legal advice available to them. If you cannot have your lawyer present, at least have a lawyer available that you can telephone during the Mediation to seek advice from. As a Mediator, Brett cannot provide you with any legal advice.


Where does Mediation take place?

The Mediation can take place anywhere as agreed upon by the parties. On occasions, Brett will be able to secure rooms (free of charge) to the parties at the office of Hartley Healy Family Law Specialists. However, the parties can also agree to have the Mediation at their own lawyers' rooms or at other independent venues, such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the Queensland Law Society. There may be a fee for the hiring of such rooms which your lawyer can discuss with you separately.


How long will Mediation take?

A full day is usually set aside for Mediation. The Mediations usually commence at 9.30am and can conclude as late as 5.00pm, although if parties are close to agreement, Mediation may extend beyond that time.


Are you Available for Mediations Outside of Brisbane?

Yes, Brett is available for Mediations all around Australia. The charge out rate remains the same, except for any additional outlays such as airfares, taxis, accommodation etc.


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